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We are now in the jewish month of Elul (אלול). It is the last month of the year. During this time, the goal is to reflect on who we are and what we did during the year.


Create a list for yourself for the coming year. Create the following categories: 1. Family, 2. Social, 3. Work/Career, 4. Leisure, 5. Worldly, 6. Spirituality, 7. Personal/ Character Traits, 8. Misc.

For each of these, write your goals, your aspirations, and your dreams; anything you want to accomplish. 

As the year goes by, don’t forget to review these goals every 2-3 months. You’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished. We underestimate the power of affirming what we want. The moment we put it down, we make that goal a little bit more real.

(via bat-yisrael)